Frequently Asked Questions

Facts and Information about The Amelia Project

What inspired Amelia to plan this flight?

When you meet Amelia, you instantly understand that she is driven by optimistic adventure. She strives to push her own limits while inspiring others to do the same. While being named Amelia Earhart influenced her desire to start flying over 10 years ago, she now knows that flying is a much bigger part of who and what she is. Amelia runs the Fly With Amelia Foundation as a way to help other young women find their place in flight. Amelia strives to lead by example, showing others that anything is possible. This flight is a way for Amelia to excite others about aviation, get young women engaged in a conversation about what their futures can look like in flight, and to complete a goal that she has had since she was a teenager.

Is Amelia Rose Earhart related to Amelia Mary Earhart?

No, Amelia is not related to the first Amelia Earhart. In 2013, Amelia found out that a distant common ancestry that she thought she shared with the first Amelia was in fact, not there. While learning through a second genealogical search that the relation was not there, Amelia discovered that her connection to Amelia was much stronger than a bloodline. Amelia Rose and Amelia Mary share the same passion for determined completion of their aviation goals and helping others find opportunities for flight.

Will Amelia be piloting the Pilatus PC-12 NG 100% of the time?

Yes, Amelia will fly in the left seat of the Pilatus PC-12 NG. Shane Jordan will fly right seat with Amelia, acting as co-pilot and co-adventurer. The live streaming component of the flight, the additional fuel tank on board the plane and the nature of the trip lend to two pilots being better than one. Amelia’s main goal in this trip is to safely and successfully fly around the world. Additionally, Shane and Amelia are great friends, which ensures a lot of fun along the way.

When did Amelia start planning this adventure?

Amelia has had the idea in her head since she was in high school but the planning, execution and completion of the flight was a year and a half process. Visa permits, fuel planning, route decisions, immunizations, over flight permits, social media, flight suit design, team building, travel, flight training, and open water survival training were just some of the things that Amelia planned with her team to make this flight possible.

Were any modifications made to the plane?

Yes, a 200-gallon auxiliary fuel tank was added to the Pilatus PC-12 NG. This tank will allow Amelia and Shane to have a maximum range of 2,500 nautical miles.

Are you doing anything special to commemorate Amelia Mary during this flight?

Yes! During the flight, Amelia and the Fly With Amelia Foundation will award flight-training scholarships to young women all over the country. To apply for or nominate a young woman, aged 16 to 18 for a scholarship, please email:

To donate to the Fly With Amelia Foundation; you can text “AMELIA” to 71777.

Why did you choose to live stream the flight?

Amelia loves social media and she also loves staying connected to adventures in unconventional ways, which is why she wanted to live stream the flight. The cockpit of an aircraft is a place that a lot of people have never seen and this flight will allow anyone, from their computer, smartphone or tablet to come inside and experience what it is like to fly an aircraft around the world. Amelia wants those watching to see the beauty, the challenges and even the “boring” parts of flight, knowing that transparency is the most genuine way to show others the reality of what aviation is all about.

How can I follow along with Amelia’s adventure?

By using the hashtag: #flywithamelia, you can connect with Amelia and Shane via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With onboard Wi-Fi, the crew will work together to stay socially connected through the trip. Photos, facts, quotes, thoughts and re-tweets of other’s adventures will all be found with #flywithamelia.